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Posted by on 1997 Sep 25 |

Near Death Warmage Legend Found

(Therenborough, Therengia: 5 Akroeg 352)

Everybody hears rumours about the treasures hidden in Ker’Leor, and being the gold seeking hunter that I am, I decided to test my luck up there one day. I knew that it it would be a difficult test, everybody knows about the horror stories concerning Kek’Leor and the savage marauders that dwell there, but I was a seasoned barbarian.

After successfully fighting off a pack of blood wolves, I decided to head up there. The trek through the wilderness was just awful, and it was an long and draining task. I eventually came upon a clearing and took a moment to orient myself.

That was when I found him. He was in terrible shape. I was surprised he was still alive, it was obvious he was was savagely attacked by something. At first I thought the poor soul was dead, but I noticed he was breathing, albeit slowly, and with labor. Noticing his tail, and his serpentine face, I could easily tell he was a S’kra mur. When I checked for bleeding, I found many gushing wounds. I was amazed that he was still alive with such serious wounds.

I used my limited first aid skills to tend him, but I knew that he would not live if I did not get him help soon. I tried to revive him, but he was too unconscious. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at him closer, and he looked strangely familiar. Looking at his clothing, and especially by his guild ring, I could tell he was a warmage. But still no name could come to my mind. I sheathed my broadsword, and I started to drag the unconscious S’kra mur to the exterior of Ker’leor.

He was surprisingly heavy, and I got fatigued fast. As I stopped to regain my strength, I heard him mutter. To my amazement, he slowly came to. His bandages fell off, and I quickly tried to tend him, but he tended himself, with much more dexterity than I could.

Even so, I could tell he was still in a daze, and I backed away. He looked at me with blood dripping from his forehead into his eyes, and whispered, "Thank you…"

And then I realized where I knew him from. That voice…It was the very high ranking Warmage, Cylanth Kal’Aran, the same warmage that helped me when I was a novice.

Looking down at his dishiveled and broken body, it was hard to imagine that he was the same mighty warmage I remembered.

"Cylanth…are you allright?"

He did not respond, only staring blankly into the distance. Then he held his head in his hands for a moment. Knowing that we were in danger, I spoke up.

"Cylanth, we need to get out of here, and get your wounds taken care of."

He did not respond. Not knowing what else to do, I continued to question him.

"Cylanth, how did you get here, and what happened to you?"

The maruaders, although tough, would not pose much threat to an Adept ranked Warmage. I wondered what could’ve done this to him, and more, how long he had been here.

To my knowledge, nobody had seen him or heard from him in months. I even heard rumours that Cylanth had walked the Starry Road. But he remained mute, staring at nothing. I slowly pulled him to his feet, and, not knowing what else to do, I grabbed his hand and led him out of the Ker’Leor woods. For the whole trip, he said nothing.

Finally, we made it to Therenborough, and there, I had Srela heal him. He still did not say anything, nor answered any of my burning questions. So I left him at the hostel, I paid for his rent, and I left. I wish I known what had happened to him. I wonder if anybody does. And more importantly, I hope he recovers from whatever happened to him. I dont think anybody would’ve even survived whatever he went through. I don’t think he even remembers what happened to him. Maybe it was destiny that I found him. Or maybe he called me in some way…

Whatever it was, I can rest now that I know Cylanth, the warmage, is back among us. Welcome back, Cylanth.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.