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Posted by on 1997 Oct 20 |

Pellidar Gets Badgered

(Crossing, Zoluren: Lirisa 352)

Having finally managed to skin a Reaver or two, I had sold the tattered pelts at the Tanner and was about to head back to the War Mages’ Tower in the hopes of mashing enough Nemoih roots to please Gauthus. However, since I have been charitably described as having all the direction sense of a drunk goblin, I missed the turn off and ended up wandering out the NORTH gate of the Crossings…a gate I never knew existed.

Wandering up the north road, I passed a bricked-up monastery. One brick seemed out of place, but no amount of pushing, turning, or pulling had any effect, so I continued past it. After some time, I came to a tangled mess of briars, which made for slow going. At the center of the mess was a clearing which had been scorched by an unearlthy fire, and at the center of THAT was a small hole, about the size of my forearm, but deeper than I could reach.

Since the hour was late, I decided to leave and investigate further in the future, but upon exiting I encountered two badgers. Since my experience with the Reavers had left me with a bit of a complex about my skinning abilities, I decided some new badger pelts would help my confidence. I did indeed make short work of them.

So my question is this — has anyone else seen this area? Is it an old area I have missed, or a new realm revealed to us? I have checked with the mapmakers I know, and none of them lists a ‘North Gate’ to the Crossings. What, besides badgers, lurks among those briars?