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Posted by on 1997 Dec 4 |

Performers Needed for Memorial

(The Three Provinces: 320 Arhat 352)

Greetings Performers of Elanthia!

Once again I am searching through our citizens in search of the talent I know is here. On the 5th of Dolefaren (December 22nd) there is going to be a small memorial service down Shard way. I’m sure all of you have noticed and paid proper respect to the obelisk that honors Bard Aurilae’s sacrifce. This memorial in to commemorate her magnificent deed.

As many of you have already read at the obelisk at Fayrin’s Rest on the Southern Trade Route between the Gondola and Shard, the bardess Aurilae Cui’Gweld is remembered to this very day with a beautiful obelisk. The anniversary of this brave act of heroism that saved Fayrin’s Rest from a troop of trolls is celebrated each year towards the beginning of the month of Dolefaren. She used her talents in story and song to keep the trolls entertained all through the night until the Elven reinforcements arrived. Unfortunately, as dawn arrived with those troops, the trolls realized what she had done, and she was killed before the first arrows were loosed.

I am sure many of the Bard Guild members and other talented performers wide and far will want to join me to honor not only Aurilea, but also to pay tribute to the power of story and song. As in the Circle of Song that was held in celebration of Lormandu, non-bards are also welcome to share the ballads or tales they may have that complement the spirit of the occasion.

Anyone wishing to have a performance slot reserved, please contact me at I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you! And yes, more details shall be coming soon. Also feel free to stop me in game and ask any question you might have .. I may not know the answers … but I do know where I can get them ::wink::