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Posted by on 1997 Nov 3 |

Problems at Crossing’s Mar Mage Guild

(Crossing, Zoluren: 344 Shorka 352)

Just few days ago The War Mage Guild Tower in the Crossing was partially destroyed as a huge ball of fiery lava hit the roof. The roof and the third floor were demolished, and most of the rest of the structure took damage. People unfortunate enough to be on the third floor when this happened — were struck down. Others in the surrounding area were burned as this latest calamity struck town.

Some say the lava was from the volcano. Others think it wasn’t natural at all, and the name of Migbluc was uttered more than once. Migbluc, as you will recall, is the fire wizard who threatened the Dirge, Sicle Grove, and Riverhaven areas some time ago. While he was driven back that time, brave pilgrims are setting out each day recently in a quest to write his final chapter. It was certainly within the power of this Migbluc to have done this sort of damage.

But the troubles at the War Mage Tower don’t end there! Today, I was just (finally) promoted to 11th circle when I noticed that Gauthus started acting odd. (Odder than usual, that is.) After few minutes he asked all of us to leave when a black wolf came out of nowhere. The wolf was a familiar and he told Gauthus that his master told him about some rebel Warrior Mage stealing secret scrolls of some kind.

I was going to stay and listen, but after Gauthus yelled at me telling me to get out, I had to send my familiar to watch the goings. It semed that Gauthus became angry at wolf’s master and told the wolf to tell his master to tell him that to his face, not through his familiar.

The wolf said his orders are different. Shortly after these words Gauthus’ familiar (hawk, for those that didn’t know) attacked the wolf! Sadly, I was struck deaf and blind for a few moments by some fell force. When my senses returned, I saw that wolf was not there and Gauthus was telling everybody to leave, and enforcing it by casting a strange spell which seemed to transport everybody who didn’t want to leave the Guild on his own.

This story is very, very incomplete and it might not be 100% right (mostly because of the inattention of the author.) If you know more, please tell us all! Thanks for reading Lovac Majstor.