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Posted by on 1997 Oct 21 |

Raining Scimitars

(Crossing, Zoluren: 90 Lirisa 352)

I was out testing my new weapon on a Goblin or two, when a very strange thing happened. I was minding my own business (well, the Goblins and madmen would probably disagree, but that’s a different story all together) when a Straight-Bladed Scimitar just fell out of the relativly cloudy sky!

I don’t remember what it looked like exactly, but it wasn’t that the Scim wasn’t there one second and was the next, I saw it fall. Well, this was very confusing to me. I use Heavy Edged, not Medium Edged, so I shoved it in my backpack, resolved to give it to a very good friend of mine, Clerris.

Later in the day I had sold all my pelts, skins and whatnot, picked my boxes, and was heading over to the Warrior Mage guild in hopes of striking up a good conversation, when I saw two people, Slyp and Phlyp talking to a Great Mage. I Stopped for minute, to see if I could bother him for a second with the sword, when I heard what he was summoned for.

It seems that Slyp (at lest I think it was Slyp) had a Straigh Bladed Scimitar vanish from her vault earlier in the day! I mentioned it, and later we went out hunting, and as of yet cannot explain what happened.