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Posted by on 1997 Nov 25 |

Shrines Attacked by Foul Creatures

(Zoluren: 187 Uthmor 352)

I have foul news to tell. For the last two weeks evil creatures know as Fylgja are attacking and desecrating the Realms shrines. Reportedly starting with the altar in the cleric guild, just recently the shrines to Lemicus and Glythtide were also attacked. Not too long after the Glythtide shrine was successfully defended, the Fylgja mounted an attempt to desecrate the Damaris’ shrine near Kaerna. During that attack, The Wren’s Nest’s own proprieter, Dreamheart, was struck down.

While many shrines were defiled the brave souls of Elanthia managed to defend some successfully.

The Fylgja, by eyewitness reports are skeletal looking necromancers. They cast a fear spell, and while their victim is frozen in fear they attack. The creatures were said to utter these words while doing their evil deeds.

"Chaos turns burns
Bracken thatches
mortals never learn
Emuin fetches

Death walks
The absent come
Unlife Unite
we have fun

Bright dark
cold fire
unetched mark
thee empire

hear the call
fight us not
we are all
you we got"

I have traveled from Shard to Theren, back to Shard and to Theren agian in search of clues as to who is controling these creatures and how we can stop them.

As to who is in control, this I do not know for certain. But the only name I could come up with that practices necromancy and is still roaming the realms is Sidhlot and his clan of Bone Elves. Also the description of a Skeletal Necromancers also fit this theory.

As to how to stop them, there are two magics which come to mind. The Bards enchante “Redeemer’s Pride” and the Paladin’s courage spell. Maybe on their own or perhaps just together we can counter the fear spell. This we cannot know till we have a Bard and Paladin present at the next attack.

Stand together Realms! For whomever has great enough power not to fear the Gods wraith will only be overcome by each and every guild’s Strength combined.