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Posted by on 1997 Oct 12 |

Suspicious Character Seen in Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 11 Akroeg 352)

It started like any other day. I had just returned from a crocodile hunting trip and was headed to the bank to deposit the money I had received from their skins. Along the way I noticed a very peculiar looking man. Someone who I had never seen before. I have been a Crossing resident for some tine now, and knew the area and the people very well. And I have never seen anyone like this before.

I saw the man carefully surveying the area just as I took a right at Clanthew Boulevard and began to walk down Via Iltesh. He was talking to Maratana Djabadary who seemed rather annoyed with this man. I began to quietly walk up to him to get a closer look, but while not trying to look suspicious. When I got close enough, he noticed me staring and him and he turned to face me. I noticed the very ordinary sword he held in his hand, and his only attire was a ragged cloak. I smiled, trying not to seem totally rude.

He walked toward me, flailing his arms and screamed, "I seek the jester! Tell me where he is!"

This was after the Jester has been captured by that unknown force. But at the time, I was not aware of what had happened to him. I did know though, of the rumor that stated the cubes were cursed.

"The Jester?" I asked back.

The man looked at me and nodded, "Indeed!" he said. "I hear he has passed this way!"

I could tell from the start that this man meant trouble.

I sat there and talked to the man for a while. He said he was only known as "Peasant", and said it was very important that he found the Jester and killed him. I told the Peasant that I personally saw him in Riverhaven a long time ago. He stated again that the Jester had magic that would curse a man for life and that the he is an "Abomination" to us all.

"What should I do if I see this Jester?" I asked him as our conversation started coming to a close.

"Kill him on sight!" He shouted back at me with a look of rage in his eyes. As if to say why I needed to ask such a question.

I folded my arms across my chest and stared back at him. "I think I’ll keep an open mind." It was then when he began sniffing the area.

T"he Jester is near!" he shouted to me, disregarding my last statement, and then ran off to the south. I just shrugged it off and then proceeded to the bank, hoping I still had all my money. But before I reached the bank, I heard a shouting just west from the Carousel square. I knew that voice….

Sure enough, the Peasant was there, screaming how he must find the Jester. He was talking to another man, who seemed rather annoyed by this nuisance as well. But the man did ask if the Jester was around over the gwethdesuan, and it is then when I heard the Jester has been killed. The Peasant said he knew the Jester was in The Crossing, and if he could not find the Jester, then he would bring his friends to look for him. Before I could even get a word in, the Peasant ran off, sniffing the area. I attempted to follow, but lost him after the guard house.

Five minutes afterwards I hear in my thoughts of an invasion at the northeast gate. I make a dash for the gate, but am ambushed by Ruffians before I could make it. There looked to be around 10 of them. But its hard to count when there are swords swinging at your face. Luckily, there were three other warriors in the area and two Empaths who were very helpful.

I still hear shouting on the gweth, that if anyone had seen the Peasant, to kill him on sight! I was still unaware of what was happening. It was all happening so fast. In the end, everyone in my area was okay. It was then when I realized who had caused the invasion. I glanced over my should to see a man running toward me. It was the Peasant. With blinding speed, he ran into me and shoved me over, almost as if I weren’t there. I leaped to my feet and began to persue him out the northeast gate but was unable to find him. He was gone.

Which leads to the conclusion. Who is this Peasant? Why does he seek the Jester who was presumed dead? Is the Jester still alive, and if he is, is he really evil? As I write this, just yesterday a tornado swept through the crossing, throwing people around, but not harming anyone. Thanks to the help of Trisstan and a few others, he was able to get to melee of the tornado and actually strike it down in the town green. It was impossible this was a natural tornado. The sky was clear and there were no winds whatsoever. Plus, I have never heard of anyone who is able to get to melee of a tornado and strike it down.

But to keep this in the same subject of the Peasant and jester, the small cubes that the Jester usually hands out began to fall from the sky in the dozens every few minutes. I could see the kronar signs lit up in the peoples eyes as they greedily grabbed the cubes. But I left them alone, fearing that I myself would be cursed forever.