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Posted by on 1997 Nov 2 |

Tea Party Bash Opens DeSilveron Estate

(Crossing, Zoluren: 140 Shorka 352)

I was wandering down the lonely streets of the Crossing when a most amazing thing happened. A pale pink envelope appeared right out of the air in front of me! Picking up the envelope, I looked inside to find an invitation addressed to me. Written in beautiful calligraphy the invitation read:

You are cordially invited to attend a very special grand tea party to celebrate the opening of the DiSilveron Estate to the citizens of Elanthia on the 140th day of the 352 year since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. -Sylveria DeSilveron

On the appointed day I was sitting around the Town Green pondering over where the tea party was to be held, as the invitation lacked directions to the DiSilveron Estate. I suddenly heard the sound of laughter, music and shouting coming toward the Green. A band of revelers came marching in, dancing, singing and performing fantastic feats of balance.

One reveler shouted out "Join us, join us! We’re on our way to DiSilveron!"

While another approached me and exclaimed, "We are headed for DiSilveron! Make merry, for the gate will open today!"

Those around followed the lively group as they made their way out the northeastern gate and up to a path I had not noticed before.

They led us to a giant gate guarded by a rather imposing guard carrying a wicked looking scimitar. The guard would only let those with invitations pass, so the majority of the folks could only look through the thick iron bars of the gate with wonder.

The gate led to the vast surroundings of the DiSilveron Manor. Around the Manor there are huge gardens filled with roses, a massive fountain, and a beautiful sanctuary among other things. In the Manor itself there are some of the greatest artifacts not seen anywhere else in this part of Elanthia. In the library there is a glowing orb of constellations that is suspended in mid-air and rotates with the breeze. In the conservatory there is a violin and harpsichord which make beautiful music by one with enough skill.

Throughout the entire Estate there were many food carts full of the delicacies from the far reaches of Elanthia. After the initial exploring of the vast Estate everyone gathered around Sylveria. She thanked everyone for coming and gave out delicate silver anklets with a tiny medallion dangling from it to everyone as party favors. Some of the greatest magicians of all the land were in attendance and entertained the crowd with many tricks. All in all the tea party was a huge success and fun was had by all.