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Posted by on 1997 Nov 14 |

Treason Within The Court

(The Three Provinces: Lirisa 352)

A rogue member of the Dark Court has recently revealed the names of several Dark Court members, as well as information regarding the Dark Court’s policies and actions.

Near sunset on a quiet day of Lirisa’s month, the names of 14 Court members were released on the Crossing area Gwethdesuan. Most of these names were released by Bantem, who appeared to lead the strike against the Court. Other names were released later, among them several of the highest ranking members of the Crossing’s guilds.

In a brief interview with Bantem, it became evident that he had helped considerably in the recent Court rebellion. After being refused a position of power on the Dark Council, he has vowed to topple the ruling body of the Dark Court.

Although he didn’t appear to have many followers, there were some other people who were also releasing lists of Court members. Unfortunately, I have found that these lists contradict each other. While many of the Thieves’ guild’s members appear to be in the Dark Court, so do several respectable members of the Warrior Mages’, Traders’ and Paladins’ guilds. A Court source revealed that some of the traitors had been fed a false list by Court authorities who suspected their loyalty.

In following with their swift and deadly policy toward those who betray, all those who released Court-related information were later found dead. It is believed that the Court will stop at nothing to prevent further leaks of information. Possibly going as far as making Bantem and a few others leave the Realms. Permanently. Rumored also is the large bounty that has been placed on Bantem’s head, and the heads of others who disclose Court related information.