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Posted by on 1997 Nov 5 |

Tygo’s Raccoon Hijinks

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 350 Shorka 352)

This my not be scorching news, but I got quite a laugh out of this one, and I hope you do too. Last night, my Clerical Fiancee, Kathryna and I were heading to the south end of Leth, to get my Raccoon back, Moogie seemed to have run of and needed to be found/scolded. We walked into his favorite haunt, and there was corn already on the ground, but noone was to be seen. I searched, saw that someone else was trying to reclaim thier unruly raccon and left promptly as not to bother them. I hoped Kathryna would just follow suit and I’d explain it all to her when we were out of my fellow ranger’s way.

She followed quickly, only she showed up holding my fellow rangers bait, the corn in hand, and then offered it to me! Just before I collapsed laughing, the ranger showed up demanding to know what we thought we were doing. She was quite crabby about it all and it seemed to me that she needed to forage up a sense of humor. Meanwhile, I was in tears laughing, which only annoyed her further. She snatched up her corn from Kat and stomped angrily into Leth’s interior. I explained it to my fiancee, after I reduced my laughing to perpetual giggles and she was quite embarassed about it all. Heh, if she finds out I wrote this, I’ll find myself sleepin on the couch fer a month…Oh well..the laugh was worth it.