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Posted by on 1997 Nov 21 |

Waerd Aev Magazine Premieres

(The Three Provinces: 192 Uthmor 352)

Today brought another exciting addition to the Realms as a new ‘Zine was unveiled on the web. Focused primarily as an adjunct to your enjoyment, it is hoped that the information will help every citizen of the Realms to learn and have more fun with their time in the Realms.

GM Meriel Lirr said, " While we all strive to maintain the quality of Roleplaying in DragonRealms, there is still need for a place we can go when we’re looking for OOC or Out Of Character information, news and tidbits. Waerd Aev (Meaning Dragon’s Eye in Gamgweth) is the new, official Simutronics webzine, offering the OOC perspective to DragonRealms. A monthly publication, packed full of informative articles, helpful hints on game mechanics, historical references, games, contests and lots of other fun!"

Stop by and visit the premier issue of Waerd Aev.