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Posted by on 1997 Nov 5 |

War Mage Guild to be Rebuilt

(Crossing, Zoluren: 150 Shorka 352)

Well, the Summer started off with some mixed news for the guild, both good and bad. Gauthus, Warrior Mage Guild Leader in the Crossing, held a meeting in the Crossing Ampitheatre this evening. The Archmage Saekhi had been here and surveyed the damage from the fireball Mibgluc layed on the guild.

During this meeting, it was let known of the official decree of the High Lord War Mage, that any member of the guild, guilty of a crime in ANY province, shall not find sanctuary thruought Elanthia. That means if you hooligans out there cast tremors in a town, Shard for instance, don’t expect to be circling in Therengia or Zoluren, cuz it won’t happen.

To the main thrust of the meeting, however was about Saekhi surveying the damage, and explaining that it would cost 1000 platinum kronars (Yes, I said 1000 platinum) to rebuild the Crossing guild Tower. The sum would be due to him before any construction was done because this will be a magical construction. The Tower will be greatly expanded, as well as have some new perks.

But there is a problem. The problem being, the guild is broke. Evidently the guild is fined for any of us war mages mucking around with thieve’s professions (I.E., pickpocketing, and store theft) They have no money. So, it comes to us, to fund the guild construction. There is now a kind clerk set up at a desk in the Crossing guild, go, donate what ya can to him, he’ll be happy to see you. And yes, he’ll accept donations from anyone.

In an effort to help raise the needed money for the new Tower, Mir Devoir has organized a benefit auction to be held in a matter of days in the Crossing’s Amphitheatre. As of this writing, he had over 100 items to auction off, all donated by concerned citizens. The proceeds of the auctioned items will go entirely to the Tower Fund. (That would be 5pm Eastern, Friday, as time is counted in some places.)

By my hand, Larinath Kreckinash