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Posted by on 1998 Feb 9 |

A Little Common Decency

(Shard, Ilithi: 89 Lirisa 353)

This story is true. The names have not been changed, as I have obtained the permission of those involved to use true names.

It was festival day, and thieves made up half the population in Shard. I had managed to make it from the Faire to the bank with a loss of only three silver, and I was on my way back when I came across a friend of mine and his wife. The first a thief and the second an empath. Apparently a thief named Ionnest had stolen from her, and my friend was lecturing him on not stealing from empaths, especially if the empath is married to an adept thief.

Then they went on their way, and since this was on the route I took when I lost my money, I asked, "Ionnest, did you find three silver? I think I dropped it around here."

He replied, "Um, Not YOUR three silver."

Instead of accusing him of theft, which many would have done, I told him, "As much as I would like to disbelieve you, there are simply too many thieves to blame just one."

Next thing I knew he handed me three silver Dokoras, and mumbled something about how they weren’t mine…

I was wise enough to reply, "I won’t ask…thank you, Ionnest."

A little common decency can go a long way.