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Posted by on 1998 Mar 29 |

Abbot Adano’s Project a Disaster

(Crossing, Zoluren: 230 Arhat 353)

Several urgent messages from the North Gate Monastery bear the news that Abbot Adano’s orders to dig a new field and projects to update the old abbey have disturbed the delicate atmosphere. Spirits of bygone monks walk restlessly in the form of death spirits and the stone watchers set high atop the bell tower have descended to stomp through the fields in the form of granite gargoyles. Any who visit — BEWARE!

The Abbot has told hunters from the Estate Holders that they can visit the grounds of the Monastery if they will help rid the area of these awful creatures.

Among many of the dead this monk has overheard comments about two favors being required at departures, so awful are some of the deaths in there. Make your offering now to your God. Make it often at the Holy Altar when you die.

Walk in peace, but battle these horrors with a furious faith.