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Posted by on 1998 Feb 26 |

Assay Office Opening Public Scales

(Crossing, Zoluren: 160 Shorka 353)

The Merchant Adventurers Mapping, Assay, and Survey Company has opened up offices. The Crossing Branch Manager, Naissura, had placed advertisements in strategic locations around town touting their new much-needed weighing service on properly calibrated scales. The fliers read:

Welcome Adventurers! Welcome Miners! MAMAS is now open to serve all your weighing needs! Our main office welcomes you check out our scales for the prices of 1 bronze coin! Come on over, we’re located near Crossing Town Hall. Questions cheerfully answered.

Up until this time, precise weighing could only be achieved by comparing copper coins in a pretty tedious process, as you can well imagine. Now everyone can check how heavy anything is with a proper scale and get the weight in stones.

I found it particularly amusing to weigh my containers which are almost always full of jun… that is, important stuff.