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Posted by on 1998 Apr 3 |

At What Cost?

(The Three Provinces: Skullcleaver 353)

An organization calling itself a “Clan” has surfaced in the Realms as a prime model of all that is wrong, all that has been allowed to go wrong, and the ever-increasing frequency of murdering sprees in the name of self-justified “fun.”

I was utterly horrified as I stumbled on this visit of the Realms to read how they plan to attack people instead of our common foes; this is their charter. The organization leader, even, will not be selected in the manner of rational people, but by combat, one with another.

Making matters worse, this Clan’s visit (web page) is listed with the Guardian Mage (GM)-sanctioned page visits, giving even more tacit approval to this despicable kind of behavior in the Realms. (You won’t find it at the Wren’s Nest Tour Desk!)

In a shameless presentation for violence in society, this “Clan” hawks the virtues of murder for sport. Without even the conscience to accomplish their fell mind set in secret, they have joined the increasing instances of people using their skill against other people.

For “fun.”

Lest you think these consensual murders do not harm anyone, think again. Consider the deterioration of our society that comes with a turned eye to hunting people for sport:

  • An apathy of Death. Urrem’tier and Eylhaar must rejoice at each strike.
  • Apathy for those who die. How many deaths does it take to get someone’s attention today, or do you just shrug as someone near you says, “It must be another tourney.”
  • A complete disdain for the empaths who must bear the burden of each cleaving wound given to someone else.
  • The young learn that killing others for sport is the way of things today. Attacks on youngsters gets worse each month.
  • How many old friends must leave, or fade away, before Society recognizes how much it is, how much we all are, diminished by violence one against another?

The highest cost are the last two items. Our young are the future; those who have gone before us, our past. Without any other heroes and role-models to look toward, this way of sanctioned violence will take root in the very souls of the people living in the Realms.

Even if the Guardian Mages do nothing, and by doing nothing, lend their tacit approval to the violence, perhaps it is time that decent people everywhere stand up and find some way to counter this ugly, growing cancer in our midst.

Violence against others begets more violence. What are we becoming?


Baresh will listen to your well-presented viewpoint on this, too.