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Posted by on 1998 Feb 27 |

Durn Skunks

(Crossing, Zoluren: 160 Uthmor 353)

Well, dere I was, walking around the Crossing, going to the temple to get a few favors with Damaris, when the gweths starts yelling bout skunks.

"Skunks?", I say to myself, "Again?"

I had just witnessed skunks invade da War Mage guild not too long ago. Little critters getting bold, eh? Well, after returning from the temple, I was planning on stopping by da bank to drop off a few kronars, when this little skunk runs by, followed by a few gaping citizens. Well , I looked at the skunk, scratched my head, and decided that my rangerly duty was to follow the little critter. Getting a fix on it, I tracked it around along with a few other people till it stopped.

"Great," I thought to myself, "this cant be good."

Well let me tell ya, it wasn’t. Da skunk, for no particular reason, stood up on it’s hindlegs and sprayed it’s disgusting cloud of gas at a few commoners, and ran towards a friend of mine. Now, no one had engage or harmed the critter yet, so I took this as a sign of hostility. Forgive me if I was wrong.

I engaged, and took a few swings, stunning it. Then, to my surprise, some of the gawkers began to yell at me. "Leave the poor thing alone!" they called.

I pointed out that it had attacked first, but being the kind ‘Tog I am, I retreated, thinking it had learned its lesson. Not so. The skunk stood up, cleared it’s head and turned to glare at me.

I had only time to say, "I told ya so!" before I was sprayed, in the eyes, with its disgusting liquid. Falling to the ground, I frantically wiped the spray outta me eyes, vomiting my lunch in the process. When I could finally rise, I looked up to see the skunk once again advancing on my friend, who was lying there stunned.

Now, I may not be a barbarian, but now I was steamed. Quickly, grabbing my longsword, I advanced on the skunk, and with one swipe, cut the creature in half. Once again, groans came to my ears. Thankfully, this time, a few people patted me on the back, agreeing that it was the only safe thing to do. Quickly I skinned the skunk, and placing the stripe in my backpack, and headed off to a much less eventful city, like Theren.

Just a little semi-strange event of the Wandering Ranger, Tothas DarkCliff.