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Posted by on 1998 Feb 23 |

Gremlin Attacks Her Opulence

(Faldesu River, Therengia: 145 Shorka 353)

While traveling from Riverhaven toward Zoulren on the ferry "Her Opulence" a gremlin popped up from the side of the ferry and damaged the deck of the vessel. Unfortunately, the creature was able to get away before anyone on board could take action.

After a while it seem that water had begun to leak from the hole that the gremlin had created, as the creature appeared one last time to taunt the passengers, giggling madly before disappearing.

However, when attempts were made to plug the hole, or even to examine it, there was no hole that could be found, revealing the damage to have been an illusion.

Gremlins are the offspring of Idon’s work, and only serve ill purpose. Was this merely a cruel prank or some sign of further, more dangerous activity by these black hearted creatures?