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Posted by on 1998 Apr 12 |

Second Annual Lirisa Picnic

(The Three Provinces: 341 Dolefaren 353)

History and Background

Lirisa the Archer is felt by many rangers to be a patron saint of their profession. Fall is the time when animals coats begin to grow full and rich. In keeping with Her affinity for skinning, rangers will often gather on the 24th day of the Month of Moliko to relate the news that has occured since they last met and to engage each other in contests of the bow and rangerly skill. While rangers of both sexes participate equally in this day, the festivities of this day are primarily sponsored by the females of the profession.

Schedule of Events
2nd Annual Lirisa Picnic – Saturday, April 18th, 1998

12 pm
3 pm
3 pm
4 pm
5 pm
Scavenger hunt begins
Scavenger hunt ends
Picnic Festivities Begin
Fletching lessons
Hide & Seek, prizes
Ranger Triathalon
in the Ampitheater, Crossing
Telger’s Inn Game room, Langenfirth
Food & Song beneath Mir Mod
Alder thicket, north of the Beech Grove
(all times EDT)

Scavenger hunt
It will be for teams of two, each to include at least one ranger. Teams are requested to preregister with Periwinkle or by courier to and must finish the hunt and check in with a checker in Telger’s Inn game room by 3pm

Fletching classes
One room will be set aside for fletching and will be staffed by experienced archers throughout the picnic to provide assistance, instruction and good conversation. Will be held throughout the afternoon in the Alder Thicket. I’m looking for a few more volunteers to help with this.

Hide and Seek We’ll have approximate 8 to 10 people holding prizes, hidden throughout Langenfirth. People will be given clues as to the location and must determine the location, search and be the first to point out the hidden person.

Ranger Triathalon
We will be run heats of no more than 8 rangers at a time and will include swimming, climbing and a footrace, but with stunts to be performed at certain checkpoints. Entry fee of 1 gold lirum will be charged to allow for a way to track registration and limit entrants to serious contenders.