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Posted by on 1998 Feb 18 |

The Third Bard Tourney

(Crossing, Zoluren: 285 Skullcleaver 353)

I have a barbarian friend who’s every waking thought is on the next swing of his sword and the next drop of blood that’s to be spilt. His view of the realms is tainted red. Yet I still love him like a brother and take his stark, simple, and often offensive view of the world seriously.

I though live for events like these. . . My every waking moment is to strive for times like this. . . My hope, love and inspiration is guided by people like the beloved patron Trader Nynis Goldkeeper. For me The Bardic Tournament of Elanthia is the gleaming pinnacle of perfection to which I aspire. ‘Why’ you ask? Not for money, not overmuch for fame and prestige – though it does have a bearing I admit, and not purely for song and story in itself. No, The Bardic Tournament organised by Nynis is THE one place I can lean back and enjoy the witty, lively and carousing characters who put a real effort into making our world an entertaining place. Like I said it’s not just their songs and stories, its their thoughts, smiles glances and expressions that I soak in and fills my heart with joy. Real people. Real lives. Real entertainment.

I was privileged to be able to perform on both nights of the two part tournament this the 353rd year ALV, on the 285th day. Firstly with Pfieffer Treaffers the lovely elven genius who had put months of hard work into the Cantina ‘Dawn’s Coming’. The choir’s rendition of the cantina stunned the audience into silence at the end of the first night with its powerful and inspiring beauty. And secondly, with a song of me own about the troubling times we are seeing these days. You will be able to find a transcript of my song amongst me scrolls if you look, but the transcript is nothing compared to the performance itself, for that you had to be there.

I swear Pfieffer lost weight before my eyes while fretting over her missing choir members. We opened the second days proceedings with the same Cantina, though the saucy sea going lass Nimuen Wavesinger (who is a very quick study) took the Soprano range this night as a last minute stand in. I won’t list all the choir singers here or the many other performers that played at both dates. For that you’ll have to refer to the Tournament’s official records of record-keeper Jadskye Maracos who I am sure will oblige you with a list and tell you who won the tournament and also who got prizes.

All I really wanted to say was ‘Thank you’ most sincerely to all those who made these such enjoyable nights with their music and personality, as well as their time, hard work, and personal effort. Oh, and not to forget those who provided the waterfalls of beer, brew and rum that was liberally shared and consumed. Come to think of it, that explains quite a lot.

Anyhap it was fun, if you missed it you missed out. Perhaps I’ll see you at the next one. ‘Til then I’ll part with the same words GM Lasca used on taking her leave ‘Keep safe’.