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Posted by on 1998 Mar 9 |

Watch Those Thoughts Young Man!

(Shard, Illithi: 201 Arhat 353)

Well here’s a lesson to all the young ones, While sitting in the hammock in The Ranger’s Guild in Shard I was feeling a little silly, Moreso than usual I mean. Well I decided to have a little fun on the gweth considering my wife left for a bit.

"Well Why not do a harmless little gweth thought?" I thought.

Usin my gweth I announced over the gweth, "I’m sitting in the ranger’s guild and naked, come ladies of Shard!"

Well that was my first mistake, I didn’t notice that two great mages were on at the time ::blush:: they were also Female. As I lay there in my hammock chuckling to myself, what appeared but 2 Female dark spirits!!!! I tried to get up, unfortunatly I was so caught off guard they reached melee and slew me before I could do anything. The coincedence was too overwhelming. So I use this as a little reminder and as a funny little anticdote for someone to get a chuckle.