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Posted by on 1998 Jul 15 |

A Bloodbath That Shouldn’t Have Been

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 310 Skullcleaver 354)

Yesterday was one of the saddest I’ve seen in a long time. Heroes falling left and right, scavengers picking up belongs and items from the kill of other people. The large mariner invasion force, Spectral Sailors and Pirates, slaughtered defenders left and right.

A dessicated parrot sitting on the shoulder of one of the enemy was heard to have squawked, "Anyone know Snurgum?"

The Sailors used Web spells to entrap their victims, and then slayed their helpless captives. I was not able to witness any of the Pirates in action, we were pinned down by sailors.

My longsowrd was of no use, as they were incredibly fleet of foot. I managed to drop 3 of them with Lightning, but soon exhausted my energy. Glancing around, I was appaled to see the number of people picking up items of fallen heroes and searching the kills of others. The loss of life could have been greatly reduced if only those petty fools actually cared about the city, and not themsleves.

For every warrior I witnessed fighting, I saw 3 people robbibg items. Sad indeed that those people are the ones that live, while the defenders fall. I wonder how the other cities fared, as I heard two other cities were attacked as well. I also hope that Sammee and the group he was with profited well from the spoils they collected.