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Posted by on 1998 May 19 |

A Call to Defend The Magic Lute

(Crossing, Zoluren: 89 Lirisa 354)

Many of you have heard some of the events surrounding the young bardess, Wren. I know little about that, but come to you with something else that seems very urgent.

First, let me preface this. Within the City, there is a magic lute, perfectly preserved, not ever dirty, in a hidden room where also hangs a beautiful tapestry with Faenella on it. I believe that in the Times of No Songs, bards hid in that spot, but I have nothing concrete to offer as evidence. Some of you will know of this, others will not. I am not going to give you directions to it here, lest this parchment be stolen and find its way into enemy hands. Please quietly ask me, or another bard, about it’s location. And quietly.

So, back to the present.

Wren has been having awful nightmares of blood. For ten nights, she did. Then, she had a really disturbing dream of a broken rainbow. After that, she dreamt of this very room I just spoke of, and the lute was missing. It filled her with a terrible sense of sadness and loss, and in the way that only dreamers can realize, she knew it was important that the lute not be lost. She dreamed last of the broken rainbow again.

I do not have any more concrete or sure knowledge to offer you but this dream of a young bard, new to us. Many people feel she is surely touched by the gift of Music. At least.

But I will pay close enough attention to her premonitions in dreams to completely change my plans in case of a siege or attack at the Crossing, and I will watch this room and defend it.

I do not have much good news about this place. It is not defensible particularly. There are annoying things that will come in and try to harm you — surely anyone above 10th circle has nothing to really fear from them though. There is no power in the area, and there is only one way out. If I recall correctly from the days when I had a gwethdesuan to wear, you cannot hear here. It is a fair ways from anyone, as well.

However, I believe that if the special lute is threatened, it IS important, and it is important that a bard be there. (OK, maybe some other people to help there would be good, too, but hey, one thing at a time!)

As this revelation was made first the other night to Sholana, Wren looked distressed and whispered to her that the lute should not fall to those who are bringing the blood.

I will volunteer, as much as I do not like to volunteer to organize anything, I have a feeling deep inside me that this is important. If you would like to join the Watch, please send me a letter. (My address is )

I will schedule the Watches. The clerics organized complete coverage of many shrines. Surely we can pull together enough bards to cover this very special place.

I urge you to speak quietly of this, but to pass the word to see who will be willing to stand Watch.

-Dreamheart Delaevan