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Posted by on 1998 May 22 |

A Conversation With Wren

(Crossing, Zoluren: 100 Lirisa 354)

We stood in a refuge with the bardess Wren as the recent events in the Crossing were being discussed . . .

Wren says, "I dreamed of blood. I dreamed of a broken rainbow. I dreamed the lute was broken. And then blood again." Wren shudders as she continues, "I told Sallyanne earlier, my thoughts were that the chalice was more than the poison it contains."

Wren adds, "And the lute is music, my music, all music. Life and music are in danger."

Risden says, "It is the portal Wren, the key to the gift." Risden nods to Wren.

Jastev calmly asks, "Wren, I see the connection between the chalice and clerics, and the lute and bards. Are the two in any way related?"

Wren asks, "And the gorbesh wanted magic, they said?"

Jastev calmly says, "They said they would take all magic."

Risden gives a nod of quiet affirmation to Wren.

Wren says, "If they have magic, and life, and the music, the music of the gods…What is left?"

Jastev calmly says, "They haven’t magic."

Wren says with a sigh, "I am just speaking as it comes to me, I am just making no sense, I know."

Wren asks, "I don’t know. Without Music, can there be music?"

Lanthander gently kisses Wren on the cheek as she frets.

Jastev calmly asks, "Is music then, like magic in that it has a source, whose absence would prevent mortals from using it?" He glances at Wren.

Wren says, "It "feels" that way to me. I don’t make sense, I know."

Jastev calmly says, "I do not think I could do better, Wren."

Sallyanne says, "The truest form of knowledge comes from within Wren…"

Wren says, "I see everything in terms of that though, as it is my passion. The altars lost, were a broken harp. Unstrung. The lute is my Lady’s.

Jastev calmly asks, "Faenella?"

Wren says, "Her own, though maybe not literally so."

Jastev glances at Wren.

Wren nods to Jastev.

Wren says, "The Chalice, was every clerics blood." Wren frets.

Risden nods to Wren.

Sallyanne asks, "Wren, you said Faenella would aid us… do you know how to get her to do so?"

Wren says, "Just a sense Sallyanne. I believe she guided the altars return to us. And I cannot think she’d forget us now. Could she?"

Wren says, "No, there is work we must do. We must be worthy of aid."

Ceren says, "The gods are on our side…but a lot of this is depending on us."

Wren nods to Ceren.

Summerr says, "Well the meeting was not very productive."

Wren gazes hopefully at Summerr.

Ceren asks, "what happened?"

Summerr says, "They demanded the same things; ‘Give us Wren and we won’t kill you.’"

Wren sighs.

Summerr says, "They would not give a reason why."

Gabriiel asks, "And this was the General Itirion Beloshik who said this Summerr?"

Summerr says, "yes it is."

Wren says, "Risden tell them how I went to the hafwa, and how it returned the chalice." She scowls, "Tell them how that works." Wren raises her chin.

Risden says, "Wren did go to the undead. They were not forth comming with the chalice. Instead they took her and worked dark magics upon her. Eventually she returned to us."

Risden continues, "The chalice was restored not by Wrens sacrifice… but thru our own doing."

Sallyanne asks, "So then, what is our next course of action then? Are you saying what I think you are?"

Wren frets, "I don’t know."

Risden says, "I do not know why Wren is desired so by our enemies. She has become a symbol of hope for us, that is certain." He glances at Wren, who is praying fervently.

Jastev calmly asks, "Wren, if the undead pursued the chalice, then it shall be the undead who take the lute, yes?"

Wren nods to Risden and sighs heavily.

Wren says, "Dancing on the green grass…I cannot bear up." She lies down. "Thank you all…I shall not forget."

Larinath rubs Wren gently.

Wren echoes, "I shall not forget," as she leaves.