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Posted by on 1998 May 22 |

A Vision of a Cleric

(Crossing, Zoluren: 99 Lirisa 354)

As I write on this parchment, my hand trembles. But little are these problems. I am writing this to inform the citizens of Zoluren of a horrible vision I had just last night. I was sleeping in a cot in Talbert’s Inn, when I woke up suddenly, so see, through an open window, a vision. I saw Per’iel singing her song to the World Dragon — and the Lute she held was that of the Bard’s Guild. That which is guarded by the bardess Wren. Then I saw the Gorbesh crush her Lute with a silver fist, and the World Dragon awake and breathe fire. This vision I attempted to inform the members of the Bardic Guild, but, unfourtunately, they held me as a fraud. So please– be warned. The gweth mine is not the only destruction the Gorbesh will reak. They will destroy Elanthia.