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Posted by on 1998 Oct 16 |

Bantam Goblin Delivers Mysterious Scroll to Ranger Guild

(Crossing, Zoluren: 210 Arhat 354)

A mysterious message was delivered to the Ranger Guild that Ranger Guild Leader Talika and other members are puzzling out. It read:

Upon this day I write this verse
That my friends shall feel no worse
Tis time has come to find relief
For their lot fills me with grief
In the woods they hide their young
Waiting for someone who may come
Tis only the nectar of cows they seek
From the shelter then they will peek
Be warned those of ill-repute
No friends are yours, only loot
Be well versed in your lore
Or your friends will abhor
Seek the sun and shun the shelters
For your friends love true Rangers
Your skill will be tested, that is true
But the reward, might be for you

Your friend, the bantam goblin