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Posted by on 1998 May 17 |

Bard Meeting Called

(The Three Provinces: 72 Ka’len 354)

Rumors of troubled times may lay ahead of us, but there was dancing in the doorways at the Bard Guilds of the Realms as a small news article came to light:

"Join us in the Crossing Amphitheater around the 113th day of this year, in the month of Lirisa [on May 26th at 10:30pm Eastern] for a gathering of the Bards!"

Bards are already packing their instruments, preparing new performances, and getting their best attire ready for the gathering! There has not been such a one in a very long time, and the bards are anxious for news about the broken enchantes and the plans for future enchantes.

Mark your calendars. If there is anything to the rumors of war, this alone is one reason to defend the town and survive!