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Posted by on 1998 Jun 5 |

Cleric’s Tale of a Wren Feather

(The Three Provinces: Shorka 154 354)

His name is Wizron Oorteal and he is a Cleric. I came across his tale from a friend who had guarded the Lute under the Crossing with me informed me of it.

In days such as we have lived through this year already, I do not think any of us can afford the luxury of not heeding the words of those who have been given the responsibility to warn us.

Wizron was one of those trusted with a wren’s feather after the bony fylgja desecrated the altar in the Cleric Guild a bit ago. I think that more has gone on, and is going on, and likely will yet happen than we imagine.

It will be our knowledge and insight that will save us ultimately.

I urge everyone to read Wizron Oorteal’s tale at his Cathedral of the Gods.