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Posted by on 1998 May 11 |

Elvisian’s Guild Emporium Comes to the Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 53 Ka’len 354)

The pennants outside the huge white tent on the Town Green’s northwest corner fluttered in the breeze as the dust from the crowds choked any hope of Spring’s fresh air and milder weather. Elvisian was back, with more goods than ever!

Packed into the now familiar stark white tent this time was the Moon Mage’s Hall, the Cleric’s Hall, the Catch-All Hall, the Rangers’ Hall, the Barbarians’ Hall, the Clothing Hall, the Paladins’ Hall and the Traders’ Hall. Tales will follow of some of the goods for sale, but notable inclusions were completely new, very expensive, difficult to use, and extremely fragile gwethdesuans. There were some weapons never seen before, and some of them were in limited supply.

A fine selection of beautiful cambrinth animals were in the basket in the Cleric’s Hall, and a bullwhip was one of the more popular purchases in the Ranger’s Hall. The usual and unusual guild-marked rings and clothing are also always a favorite at Elvisian’s.

Happy shopping, Elanthia, and do not spend all your money in one place!