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Posted by on 1998 Jun 10 |

End of Week Concerts Premiere

(The Three Provinces: 177 Uthmor 354)

The Wren’s Nest Tavern, in a joint arrangement with Baearholdt’s Taproom and Brewery, starts a regular End of the Week Concert beginning this week.

By the reckoning of the Olde Calendar, each Saturday evening, [at 10:30 Eastern], a new performer will take the spotlight and charm the audience at Baearholdt’s Taproom and roadside Tavern. (Baearholdt’s Taproom is conveniently located on the Northern Trade Route between The Crossing’s Northeast Gate and Arthe Dale, on a small twisting path.)

The first concert will feature a favorite songstress of the Provinces, Nimuen Wavesinger, self proclaimed bard and sailor lass. She’ll be onhand at Baearholdt’s Tavern for this End of the Week Concert, singing her broad repretoire of comic songs, including the popular "The Real Siren’s Song" and "Men of the Realms" along with the occasional ballad.

Baearholdt will be taking this opportunity to uncork his newest casks of Spring Ale. The farmer remarked, "And I’m darned glad to have a farm and taproom left, let alone a Spring Ale after those unpleasant Gorbesh! I hope everyone comes to celebrate!"

Baresh, the barkeep and manager for the Wren’s Nest Tavern added, "We’re so glad that Farmer Baearholdt is making his Taproom available for these concerts. He has lots more room than we do here."

The finest performers from all over the Realms will be featured in each End of the Week Concert in the weeks to come. It will be a fine time to show your support of the performing arts in Elanthia.

New acts will be considered for the End of the Week Concerts by audition only. Please contact Dreamheart in the Crossing, or by messenger to to arrange the audition.