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Posted by on 1998 Jun 3 |

Even Rangers Think About Living in Cities…

(Around the Crossing, Zoleran: 111 Lirisa 354)

"You Know Sometimes we think of living in the city too, then we regain our senses."

-Striderr Slayn, Ranger            

Rain again? I still remember thinking those two words clearly as I awoke that morning, but when I had all my things put away and camp for the previous night broken down the sun was blazing in the sky in what seemed to be a fine summer day.

The Sun also allowed me to take a look at myself.

The 6 days of rain had left my clothes and body a muddy mess, Yes I know what you are thinking but no not all of us rangers know how to launder our own clothes. I decided to head down to Arthe dale to get that cute halfling woman to wash my clothes as I washed my body in the swimming hole.

Mental note: Don’t bathe in the Swimming hole on a warm summer day.

I Bathed swiftly amoungst the cat calls from the Females all around. A Paticulary racey comment from a female mur even made me blush… those murs and thier tails…

Well I had gotten my stuff from that kind halfling lady. I have to ask her her name one of these days. Well anyway it was a surprisingly quiet day so I decided to listen to the gweth, Gripping the trunk of the tree to steady myself, I still fell to the ground as the massive babbling on the gweth overcame me.

5 minutes when I regained conciouness I actually understood why all the screaming. A merchant.. ooooooooh ahhhhhhhhh amazing. Well checking my pockets I quickly shrugged that option out of my mind and put my six remaining coppers back into my pockets and listened for another option.

There’s an invasion at the North East Gate someone yelled.

There’s always an invasion at the North East Gate. No offence, I’m quick to defend cities as everyone else but I had just gotten my clothes cleaned. Besides Kobolds were attacking, I doubted any would be left by the time I got to the gate of Arthe, Let alone Crossing.

Some guy bumped into me then mumbling an apology as he walked by. I quickly checked the gweth for another option.

A Razor sharp sword is being sold at the merchamnt for 6 coppers!

I quickly ran to the gate of Arthe grabbing for my coins….. and grabbing….. and grabbing.

"DAMN THIEF!!!!!!" I screamed as I went through the remaining of my belongings, muttering to myself to get a thief to teach me how to avoid that. Well at least I Still had That diamond in my pouch.

Well There went my last option… Hunting was Nil because I had spent 6 rainy days and nights hunting and on this nice day I wanted to relax.

The Invasion was over…. hope something better than kobolds attack next time…

And The merchant would be there tomorrow, plenty of time to get cash by then and go. Besides, he had sold out of swords.

I never should have woke up this morning I thought to myself. So thats what I did. I went to the swimming hole and climbed the tree and went to sleep. At least I told that guy that if he watches over me and wakes me in a few hours we’ll split the money from the diamond I have in pouch.

The last thing I thought as I drifted off to sleep…

Hey wasn’t that the same guy who bumped me before?

Oh Crud, well could be worse, I could live in a city.