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Posted by on 1998 Jul 4 |

Failed Mining Expedition

(Crossing, Zoluren: 269 Moliko 354)

On this day an expedition was set forth to mine the minerals from the almiris vein inside the crater near the Crossing. During the Gorbesh war, a bomb set here exploded, creating the craters and destroying the kyanite and jadeite gwethdesuans. A Pattern Mage, Cloud Mage, and Shadow Mage, later discovered gwethdesuan minerals inside this crater.

Kjelgazier, Beckah, Ardeo, and I had the idea to attempt to mine these minerals and set to planning for this expedition for over a week. With the help of Anlise and Khyrus, we went to the crater set and set our plans in motion.

Using torches, and an explossive mixture we made of naphtha, tukai, and black pulp, we attempted to cause an explosion in the already substantial cracks in the crater. A mage named Shisaeron stood by making disparaging comments about our experiments.

In the end, our attempt to cause an explosion failed, however, we gained a great deal of knowledge this day. We will try again later to mine these gwethdesuan minerals, so that more sophisticated gwethdesuans can be created.

Sechan Illistim