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Posted by on 1998 Jul 11 |

Gwindahl Attacks, Makes Paladins Angry, More So

(Crossing, Zoluren: 300 Skullcleaver 354)

Today, in the Paladin’s Guild West Wing, I was sitting in on a Heavy Edged class. Well without warning, Gwindahl appeared, placed a box on the ground, opened it, and as paladins advanced him, he Refracted Fielded himself and made his escape.

Caught off guard, I fumbled around for my Hammer, and finaly managed to dispatch the two rats that had advanced on me, and moved one room over. The rest in the room did likewise, and to my knowledge, no one was or hurt, or ever diseased.

I later found out that Gwindahl had attacked the Clerics’ Guild as well

Tis interesting to note, that Lailoni, original keeper of the goldfish that Gwindahl covets was also in the realms at the time. What was her part to play?

By my hand…
Mithrus Stoneblow