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Posted by on 1998 Jul 4 |

Gwindhal’s Torture Chamber

(Crossing, Zoluren: 273 Moliko 354)

I was sitting in town green trying to learn a little harness. Just casting a few moonbeams and psychic shields while staring at the skies. When Gwindahl walked past.

"Isn’t that the guy with the rats?" Itron asked.

I jumped up and ran after Gwindhal.

"Gwindhal?" I said, "Have you recoved your fish?"

At that point, Itron caught up with me. Suddenly Gwindhal jumped at me, grabbed a sharp and dirty needle and stuck it me, paralyzing me. He did similar things to Itron. Then he dragged me, but not Itron, through a portal into his torture chamber where I was strapped to a chair and made to speak.

"Now," he said to me, "What more do you know of angels breath?" Only the word he used wasn’t angels breath, it just sounded that way. Someone later told me the proper word was Anli’Jalbreth. I cannot say if that is correct.

I told him I didn’t know much about his angel breath. He seemed displeased. I told him that Lailoni had his fish, but I didn’t know how to find her. Gwindhal got even angrier. He grabbed some hideous device from a chest and attached it to my toe.

"What else do you know?" he asked in fearsome voice.

I explained I had already told the most of what I knew, that perhaps I could recall details for him, but pain was unlikely to help my memory of details.

Hearing that, he yanked the device from my toe, removed me from the straps, and thrust me back through the portal to life face-down in the street. So slow was he to toss my boot tossed after me in great disgust the heel was caught in the closing of his portal.

Shortly thereafter, ichor rats invaded various locations in town near the bank and the ranger’s guild and sun vultures assaulted the NorthEast gate. The rats doubtless appeared because of Gwindhal. Vultures are the other exploding creature known to the seven races. I don’t believe their assualt to be coincidence.

Empaths have checked me for disease and they continue to do so. At this time, it does not appear I bear the ichor plague.

By my shaking hand in the month of Moliko the balance, two-hundred seventy-third day of of the 354th year of since the victory of Lanival,

Kjelgazier Cambridarvager