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Posted by on 1998 Jun 18 |

Letter to Gorbesh Found at all Guilds

(The Three Provinces: 190 Arhat 354)

Upon the door to every Guild in the lands, there was a scroll held in place by a dagger stuck in the frame of the door. It is thought that the message was intended for someone to see and pass on in one or more of the guilds who may secretly be a spy in service to the Gorbesh Army. It’s surprising contents are chilling.

The scroll, in a flowing script, reads:

"General Itirion and members of the Gorbesh High Command,

It is with the utmost urgency that I dispatch this letter to you. An ancient force threatens the land and all of its creatures. A consuming darkness born of chaos grows unchecked in a land of shadow. A land that until now had been separated from us through the use of a powerful magic. The magic containing this force has stood strong for generations, but now begins to weaken. Without intervention it will soon fail. Woe to us all if this force is unleashed, for not a mortal soul can stand against it. Even the mighty Gorbesh Army will be consumed along with all her lands if action is not taken.

Matters of state, territorial boundaries, wars and their outcomes have never concerned me. I am a simple cleric who serves a higher calling. I trust this letter will reach you, and have the greatest hopes that you will take notice of this threat that faces us all. “You” possess the means to stop this catastrophe. “You” must take the next step.

Contact me at once. We must arrange a meeting so that I may better explain to you the peril that may befall us all."

The message was signed,

Father Risden