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Posted by on 1998 Jul 25 |

L’Karm Attempts to Silence Gwindahl

(Crossing, Zoluren: 354 Dolefaren 354)

It was a cold Winter afternoon, but regardless I was knee deep in the frigid waters of the marsh making hunt of the crocodile. Suddenly I felt a disturbance … someone had been murdered … that someone was Gwindahl.

Having previously met with Gwindahl on many occasions I knew the trouble he was in. It was either the L’Karm that got to him, or one of our own short tempered knaves. Unfortunately it was the Big "L".

I dashed out of the marsh, splashing the cold water about as I made way for the Stone Road and sprinted down the NTR. Along the way I summoned my russet falcon, Arzaev, to track down Gwindahl so I could assist him.

On my hasty journey south to Crossing, Gwindahl was murdered once more … I knew I had to act quick. Finally Arzaev caught up with Gwindahl in the Middens, and I hurried to meet him.

I came upon the Halfling, shuddering naked in the cold. We dispensed of the greetings and began yet another discussion of the situation at hand … a grave one at that.

He said, "I tried to get some info … they attacked me."

I looked at him in concern for his safety. I didn’t even need to ask, yet I did anyway. He nodded to confirm … it was the L’Karm.

He went on to say, "Got all my critters … the disease stuff … everything."

"I tried to destroy em in the end.", he added.

I sighed and asked him if this at least meant he was free of his duties.

He replied, "Never free … not anymore."

I felt a sense of despair in him as he told me, "Now I’m in the same boat as most."

I gave him a sympathetic pat on the back and expressed that I knew his intentions were not evil, and I would do my best to protect him, as I stated to him many times before.

He said, "Anyhow got kilt twice … held by their clerics, before I got away."

However a look of relief crossed his face as he went on to say, "I think i eluded them at the end and least I hope so."

Throughout this discussion others looking through the eyes of their familiars where watching us speak. They were ridiculing me for speaking with Gwindahl, along with the ever persistent threats to kill him. Finally I had to interject our conversation for the ranting of the knaves in my thoughts was just too much.

I said, "It isn’t bad enough the L’Karm is after you … the knaves in our own society are too"

He replied, "Yeah well aint worried about most of the knaves."

I gave him a quick grin as he added, "been around the block a few times."

Gwindahl told me that the secret to the ichor rats were now in the hands of the L’Karm, regretfully he couldn’t destroy them in time.

He said, "Won’t be long … can’t stand around long. They’ll find me soon with this zoo around me."

He then revealed an important piece of information … a name of a member of the L’Karm.

He said, "Don’t know how far up he is."

I whispered asking whom. He replied, "Ralel … its all I got … I may be able to root out more in time but not with the heat on me."

I nodded and asked if he could provide us with some more information about him or her.

He said, "Him … not much but he was pulling the string behind what happened with me."

I pondered for a second as Gwindahl further implied how he tried to take him out, and destroy the rats.

He spouted out, "The diseases … ", and paused for a moment.

I replied, "How can we destroy them, is their an antidote?"

He said, "Don’t know Garfaldo. All my notes … was kinda in a strange mind-set at the time."

I told him I understood, knowing full well the instability of his mental state at times. then said to him, "Don’t think too hard … just relax", and again patted him on the back trying to relieve some of the agitation from his previous encounter.

He went on to say, "Mighta been able to figger out something but couldn’t retrieve anything."

He then briefly spoke again of the L’Karm adding at the end, "They will be after me and maybe even those I give info to."

I nodded to him to express I would put myself in danger along with him by any means to thwart the efforts of the L’Karm.

Suddenly I got an odd feeling for a moment, which I shrugged off as one of our Moon Mages locating in search of Gwindahl, however my assumptions proved false as I heard a rustling in the bushes … It must have been the L’Karm.

I gulped, surveyed the area and took up my position guarding Gwindahl … checking my combat stance ready for battle. I could not let him be murdered by the hands of the L’Karm once more.

I grunted and told them to leave him be … and then they sprang on us. Ruffians, Thugs, and ichor rats … compliments of the L’Karm arrived.

I screamed out for Gwindahl to run amidst the start of battle. I know not his course of action after the attack began, but I am assuming he got away in hiding.

Near the end of our discussion, a few others came into the area with Gwindahl and I, and we fought off the L’Karm in a swift defeat.

Upon searching the body of one of their slain for more clues on this elusive organization, I found one wearing a roughly-braided leather armband. On it was a medallion, etched with a picture of a mountain and a forest over twin-crossed swords, hangs from the armband.

The symbol of the L’Karm … and I believe our scholars can very well figure out from this exactly what groups of elves are involved.

We must protect and aid Gwindahl in his efforts to bring us more information on this mysterious organization. They pose a threat to Elanthia I believe none are aware of, or read for.