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Posted by on 1998 Jul 2 |

Naming of Tears Enchante Taught to Bard Guilds

(The Three Provinces: 261 Moliko 354)

Master Bard Rowlfgiven, a bard from the sea, recently visited the guilds of the known provinces. Silvyrfrost and Macfrae hosted the bard, delighting him with our cities and hunting. Rowlfgiven’s amazing combat prowess was noticed and the enchante he used as he fought excited much comment. After some discussion, it was discovered that the Master could harness an enchante long lost to our Masters — The Naming of Tears — which was known in our Guild only by references mentioned in scholarly scrolls! Rowlfgiven taught the enchante to Silvyrfrost and MacFrae.

Tax paying club members were able to study the Naming of Tears for one week, then all guild members who are qualified for this 36th circle enchante will learn it.

The enchante weaves a powerful inspiration around the bard and her group, helping them to focus their defensive abilities better, and remain safer.

Preliminary reports by those bards who have been able to use it indicate the enchante requires substantial harness of power and leaves you very fatigued from the effort.

Lady Lasca of the Bard Guild told many of the bards this was a demanding song to learn and bards would have to "grow into its real power. When you are 80th circle, imagine how good it will be!"