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Posted by on 1998 Jul 6 |

Prayer Service at Temple Ruins

(Crossing, Zoluren: 281 Skullcleaver 354)

Next andu, as the Olde Calendar goes, on the "Saturday," there will be a prayer service honoring the Gods and our fellow Elanthian citizens, at the ruins of the Crossing’s Temple. The time will be the first hour of the afternoon (1:00pm Eastern).

As the Priest residing over this ceremony, I would like to invite all to attend. The Immortals have granted us many blessings; let us show honor to them in this formal ceremony.

Blessings of the Gods upon you all,
Laelius Socinus


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.