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Posted by on 1998 May 25 |

Reinforcements Arrived – Divided Opinions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 109 Lirisa 354)

Two scarred town guards walk in and seat themselves at the bar. You see one of the two staring at the barkeep. He begins to relate a story loud enough for you – and the entire room to hear…

"Well, here I was, in the mists of this blaz’n war, when the gorbesh break into the city!"

"Well, I ‘assume’ these warriors are gonna handle everythun, but then the gorbesh start sett’n everythun on fire ‘n killing the folk and whatnot."

"Now, when I came to… (I wasnt sleep’n on the job, ya see… some soldier came up from behind me and hit me in the back of my noggin)… when I came to, most all of them there ‘warriors’ had been killed, and were be’n thrown into the landfills and such. Well… I was pretty lazy.. er… hazy… from the bump on my noggin, so I could only lay there, helpless as the gorbesh tore up the city."

"Well… everythun was about all over, when suddenly, this talk’n pig burts in and starts yell’n, ‘oink We not afraid of you, gorbesh!’"

"So out comes all these little critters… (I just have to assume they are familiars and such… ‘cuz no critter I know goes and starts talk’n like that)… out comes these critters and they start swarming all over the gorbesh, biting them in the ankles, ramming into thier kneecaps, and such. Well, all them there gorbesh were caught by supprise by 15 or more familiars."

"So the gorbesh group trip over themselves and run away, deeper into the city. I start think’n Im dream’n, then one of the larger familiars bites my hair and drags me off to the empath guild along with all the other wounded."

"Aint that just a dilly of a pickle, eh Zeke? Them there familiars saved a lot of them folks’ lives."

The second guard nods.

"I dont think I’ll ever look at DEM ‘lil critters the same way again, Billy Bob."

The first one nods.

"Next time that s’lai whomps one of them talk’n critters, Im just turn around the other way. I dont eat no brave roadkill."