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Posted by on 1998 May 21 |

Rogue Barbarians & Paladins Collaborate with Gorbesh

(Crossing, Zoluren: 96 Lirisa 354 The Bards guild sanctuary was invaded today, but not by fenrae stalkers or snowbeasts- by fellow citizens, traitors to the realm, mercenary rogues bent on kidnap and mayhem. They intended to drag off any Bards they could find and sell them to our Gorbesh enemies for profit!

They dragged me, Dred DeCaen, right out of the sanctuary. Were it not for the quick action of Dreamheart, Ayrianna, and Donar the Ranger, I might be dead at the hands of the Gorbesh right now, just for being a Bard!

The air rang with the sound of a windchime, and we heard a man’s voice announce, "Peon Annakie Gordon, seeking to enter the Bardic sanctuary!" then "Paladin Belderaj TanreaII, seeking to enter the Bardic sanctuary!" Sounded innocent enough… but once they got inside…

Belderaj looked at a young bard and said, "Maybe the Gorbesh’ll buy him."

"They might… if he’s not to sickly," Annakie replied.

The young bard said, "Oh, methinks it’s just one bardess they want, Wren"

Annakie grunted, "Ah.. no idea.. we just know they like bards."

"Nah.. we think they’ll trade with us if we start offering them other bards too… And since bards don’t do much else for us… we decided to look into it." Belderaj explained.

Annakie continued, "Well, we figure if they will destroy whole towns for Wren.. mabye they’ll trade weapons for other bards.. "

Belderaj nodded in agreement.

Annakie continued, "We figure you’ll bring a old katar… maybe a mirror blade… More if you wasn’t so sickly.."

Belderaj grinned, leaned on his broadsword, and then moved into a position to parry.

Annakie pointed me out of hiding, saying, "Come out, you sneaky bard…"

"Hey.. we got us a 33rd in here.. let’s sell him." cries Belderaj.

I called them rude and told them to leave our sanctuary.

Annakie said, "Rude? We didn’t kill you.. we just don’t want you trying to get away before we can sell you..

Belderaj grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the sanctuary… Luckily, this time, I was rescued. But they claimed they had already captured other Bards.

I publicly call for their hanging at the Gallows Tree, for High Treason in times of War.

[Ed. Note: Please also see news in the Current Events and Eye Witness Accounts messages about Traitors.]