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Posted by on 1998 May 17 |

Strategies and Tips for Troubled Times

(The Three Provinces: 78 Ka’len 354)

I thought I would share a few things that we did up in Theren that seemed to work during the bloody days of the Red Winter and the Gorbesh attacks.

Organization of your forces is the most important thing. It seemed to work well on the second day when we had a strong enough group. Admittedly it was a virtual blood bath in the first two skirmishes, but keep in mind we were defending our gate with less than 10 in our party against 2 or 3 units of Gorbesh soldiers. Hardly a fair fight.

1)    For starts..Designate your most senior paladin or two or 3 if you have them, as group leaders. Everyone join their group. An experienced paladin leading the forces gives the entire group some kind of bonus. Not sure if it’s just melee..just offense..perhaps someone else can enlighten. All others with group protection spells available can continuing casting them as they are able.

2) Those who are strongest at missile range, target their attacks the Gorbesh Archers. Melee people advance the archers first and the rest after. If any Gorbesh magic users are present, they should also be taken out as early as possible.

3) Young players or those without the skills to take out the Gorbesh, advance the catapult. No special attack was needed to destroy it, just needed to be advancing.

4) Telekinetic throw ammo. Find the best stuff you can and leave it on the ground and then DROP NOTHING ELSE. We had a selection of coins there one from each denomination. If you can scrounge up a few large sacks, they are pretty deadly. The key point was to have some things already available and not have folks dropping corn or herbs cause they can’t stand to sit still for 2 minutes without practicing a skill. If you do this…go drop it somewhere else. If you honestly can’t sit without practicing, maybe you should reconsider being part of the war effort. Plenty of people are risking their fluff, favors and future…be respectful.

5) Designate your healing and clerical stations in advance so that there is not confusion for people dragging.

6) Anyone too injured to continue fighting, becomes a designated dragger. Start dragging the fallen to the designated spots. Best to stay alive and aid in the rescue than add to the pile of bodies.

7) Having plenty of herbs and potions made is an excellent idea. I know a few people with plovik leaf were the saving grace in Theren. For days, I wore the severe scars and ugly gashes on my chest as a proud reminder of our battle victory. Purchase supplies of those herbs that are not currently foragable in working condition. Plovik leaf, Hulnik grass, Muljin sap, Sufil sap, Ithor potion. Forage up some of the following. Junliar stem, Jadice flower, Nemoih root, Yelith root. Roots work best as pulp and can be applied to the dead that way. Leaves, flowers, grasses can be made most potent in potion, salve, tea form, and many are not effective at all unless made into potions, salves, etc. Keep in mind though..that pulp, as far as I know, is the only thing that can be applied to the dead….yelith pulp being by far the most useful.

8) If you don’t have to be out in the open….hide and wait. The Gorbesh are a cowardly bunch deep down. They like sneak attacks and will typically scout and watch you for a long time before they jump out to attack. They much prefer to outnumber you, but the bottom line is if you don’t want to be engaged at melee instantly…hide. The strongest fighters can attempt to take the brunt of the battle leaving the less skill to flank the Gorbesh and hit em hard.

9) Everyone who has spells available should check the mana levels in the areas you’ll be guarding. Determine in advance what spells and how many you think you can cast. Make use of whatever magic abilities you have. Every advantage is important, no matter how small. Set up macros (sorry for the ooc) if you can. I know there was little life magic for Rangers outside the Theren gate, but there was enough for a 5 mana Swarm from every ranger there. Others with magic available plan it ahead. Throw out those spells before you end up in melee, as you won’t have time later.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there’s plenty more ideas, though. The biggest focus is to organize how your group will attack to maximize your offensive capabilities and keep the group alive long enough to be effective. If a few people go down in sacrifice while guarding the rangers with awesome bow skills or the mages with powerful spells, realize that your sacrifice may have been for a greater good. Attempt to develop the team approach that Loquatrix mentioned earlier. It is our greatest asset.