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Posted by on 1998 May 16 |

The Crossroads Takes Latest Honors

(The Three Provinces: 70 Ka’len 354)

A hearty congratulations go to The Crossroads! This choice visit of the Realms is the newest selection for the "DR Site of the Month Award" from the Guardian Mages!

I enjoyed my first visit there, some time ago, too. The unique and original contents of the library and the other tidbits was quite a refreshing change from the ordinary fare of some other visits.

You will not find copies of the same books from the Libraries of Elanthia. You will find new books, good reads all, and none of them very long. One of the most useful references I have seen is the one about the creatures. It lists their relative difficulty. From easy to "WHY am I here?" to the ultimate of "Take your time getting here…" for those ugly rock guardians.

At the Crossroads, you will find several destinations, from the tidbits of the Beggar’s Board, to the Darkpearl Inn, which seems to attract patrons from the shadowier side of the street…

In this exclusive honor, The Crossroads was described as a place of various repositories that are "working together to bring knowledge to the citizens of Elanthia." I think that it is far more — it is an easy and ingenious creation by someone who cares a lot.

Take a well-deserved bow, Crossroads. You have earned this honor. May The Crossroads continue to grow and flourish in the Realms.

You also notice:
The Crossroads Entrance.