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Posted by on 1998 May 1 |

The Drums of War

(The Three Provinces: 16 Akroeg 354)

The events of the last week have left me dizzy trying to learn them, sort through them and figure out what it all means.

However, I do not think there is time for that anymore, not after the raids I witnessed last night of Gorbesh troops and mammoths. A large number of defenders fell in Leth Deriel and Riverhaven. Then a party of Gorbesh were intercepted in the moutain pass near the trail to Stone Clan, and many more lives were claimed before they were defeated.

Visions of disaster have come to Moon mages for days, each day getting worse.

Altars and Shrines have been desecrated from Therenborough to Steelclaw Clan as of this writing.

Constellations are moving into fell alignments, and there is little good news.

It is time now to prepare to defend the cities we love, and the people we love. Everyone can help. If you do not think you can stand up against a seasoned soldier, then commit to helping drag the wounded and dead, or support the clerics and empaths. Find youngsters who are in dangerous places and gather them somewhere to safety. Bring herbs or other neccesities to the empaths. Sing for them. There is something for everyone to do.

Stay wary, stay healthy. Do not get caught cut off or unable to aid when the invaders are spotted.

Because we are not all awake all the time, I’m hoping that the patrons of the Wren’s Nest will make use of the special message board for jotting down what has happened, or what has been seen as this terrible time unfolds around us.

Dusk falls now in the Crossing as I write this. May Damaris protect us all through the night to come, from the northlands to the southlands.

I will summarize a couple things that happened in the new message board. Please add what you know so that information is spread as accurately and as quickly as possible.