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Posted by on 1998 May 12 |

The Return of the Chalice

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 57 Ka’len 354)

Last night, the Chalice of death was returned to the Altar in the Zaulfang swamp.

It all Started with snips of words over the Gweth,

"The Chalice was given to us."

I Ironically was hosting a small get together on prophecy and current events in the Ranger’s guild of Crossing when I heard this. The Chalice was given to us by a slender alfan after the resoration of the altar in the gash. They said they needed guards and clerics to bring the chalice back to it’s place at the foot of the altar, being a Ranger I’m not too familiar with the rites of clerics but smelling an adventure I jumped at the chance to see something.

Talineth carried the Chalice to crossing and we all joined the Marshal Quicknickel for the journey north, The clerics kept passing the chalice from one another to resore it’s power while I entertained myself by telling jokes and keeping guard. The Journey was uneventful besides meeting alot of old friends and new.

We made our way into the swamp as night fell. Talking to the Weeping ghost and gaining entrance we went to the altar where the alfan met us telling Talineth who once again held the Chalice after passing it to other clerics to raise it high, then to drop it. The Ground then swallowed the chalice up and amidst the gasps and gawks of those present and rose to return to it’s place by the foot of the altar.

Let the Clerics rejoice! They can once more gain the gift of life they lost with the theft of the chalice. Let the people rejoice! I was offered the chalice and oh, to be honest I was tempted to touch it even though I am no cleric, but my common sense…. (or whatever passes for it in me) Bade me to refuse. For I am but a humble ranger with a story to tell.

With this, all the altars and shrines have been restored, it is believed.

By my hand,
Striderr Slayn- Ranger

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