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Posted by on 1998 Jun 25 |

The True Moon Mage Power

(The Realm Beneath the Stars: Uthmor 354)

Recently the true power and abilities of Moon Mages was shown in an amazing display of craftsmanship. One Moon Mage was able, with the power of predictions and much real time and expense, to predict the way to carve the best bows the lands had ever seen. Although the predictions were not permanent for the future is ever changing, for an extremely short time he was master of the craft.

When the Moon Mage tried to sell these bows a hue and cry went up throughout the lands and a Great Mage appeared, taking the bows and claiming they were created through use of something referred to as a "bug".

Personally, I must admit here that calling the True Power of my guild a "bug" is an insult I shall never forgive. But I digress.

As word spread through the lands of this feat, many called for the destruction of our one true ability. Many others claim fear that Moon Mages would, factory like, turn out weapons, armor, and other items that would shame those that work hard for their skills, thus displaying their ignorance of the difficulties and requirements to accomplish such things. For if seeing the future is so simple, why is it only one Moon Mage has accomplished this? Are we to foolishly believe hundreds of other Moon Mages have never attempted this task?

I myself have tried many times in the past. I have failed just as many times. Predicting is not a skill, it is a power, a power that takes just as quickly as it gives, a power that parts the curtain of time for a very short moment. A power one may only influence with great luck, but never control.

I applaud the accomplishment of my fellow guild member. And I also feel sorry for the many who cannot understand our True Power and fear it makes their hard work useless, for our power could, if they desired, make their hard work even better. But not without risk, a risk that many will not take.

As far as the bows made by the Moon Mage, I have heard they have been returned but have not been able to confirm the truth of this rumor. I do hope it is true.

I leave you with a quote from our guild history. Those that understand will also understand why spells and everything that exists at a moment of time is not what Moon Mages are about. These people will not need to have it explained to them.

Those that do not understand, no amount of explaining will help.

By My Hand,
Wildluck Elfsign

"With every dusky moonbeam, and e’ry revolution, Magic is our signpost, our method Evolution."
–Alicia Crawther, Magus