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Posted by on 1998 Oct 18 |

A Cry for Help on the NTR

(Crossing, Zoluren: 295 Skullcleaver 1998)

I don’t travel the NTR that often because I enjoy the southren cities more but, I do vist the Keep and Haven sometimes. As I was traveling up the road on my way to the Haven ferry and I heard a wind chime in the backround. It was where the trees cluster close, weaving a dark green canopy through which no real light penetrates. Travellers have heard these often, some say the chimes are an offerring to Damaris, others say they are just chimes. But in the breeze, they echo:

    *clink*                                          *Clink*                                            *CLINK*                 *Clink*                            *clink* *clink* 
And back towards town, I went. I left the Northeast Gate of the Crossing soon, headed down the NTR again. As I came across the place where the chimes were, I heard the sound of someone crying for help!

I searched around but did not find anything except the usual windchimes up in the tree. What could this mean?