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Posted by on 1998 Oct 11 |

A Hot Time in Elanthia Tonight!

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 269 Moliko 355)

The day’s events were many. So many that one person could not have been at them all at the same time! I have heard but small tidbits of information which I will share here upon the request of the inn’s owner. These may not all be entirely true so you each may want to do some investigations of your own!

First with Waerd: Waerd met with Trynie saying he would find the rest of the book for her. (personally, I don’t think he can be trusted!)

Second, the battle in Leth with Ralel and his L’Karm: I believe it came in three waves. The first being the largest then the second a moderate, with the last being a small scale release of ichor rats.Ralel was there himself to oversee. He even had me personally assassinated after I was running my mouth about his army. He said that “Nah my army will be a bit different.” from the shadows. After which two of his assassins showed up, engaging two others there, a third coming in later to dispatch myself (I was too shocked to run.) Beware what his army truely is, we have not seen anything like it, so he says.

Rianalee had also been about for many hours during the day, although no one has been able to find her yet. I can only wonder what this mysterious new figure in our lives has up her sleeves.

I have also heard rumors of Ralel having the merchant Owein assassinated for not cooperating in some scheme. My assumption is that Ralel wanted Owein to supply his forces with magical artifacts and Owein refused to do so. This may be wrong and checking into this further would be advised.