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Posted by on 1998 Oct 27 |

An Account of Blood Rituals and Human Sacrifice for The Powers, part 2

(Crossing, Zoluren: 333 Dolefaren 355)

continued from the first part . . .

Kerenisa mutters " the hag .. the hag.. "

Moebe whispers, "you need to leave.."

Ogredd searches around for a moment.

Octa leaps to her feet!

I whispered to Moebe, "what are you afraid of that people will learn how sick this is"

Octa traces a strange symbol on Sadar’s forehead, like a circle within a triangle within a circle.

Francesse offers Kerenisa a bloodstained carving knife.

Kerenisa accepts Francesse’s carving knife. Kerenisa puts her knife in her large sack.

Moebe whispers, "it is a private affair I suggest you get yourself out of here..before you are next."

Sadar smiles at Octa.

Octa leans over, dips her finger in the blood again, and traces the same symbol on Thorns’s forehead.

Thorns scribbles, "Your women of Haven should not make idle threats."

Octa says, "We must not squabble even as we are bound together."

Octa gazes at Thorns.

Moebe rubs Thorns gently.

Octa gazes at Francesse.

I whispered to Moebe "thats fine but everyones gonna hear this i promise"

. . .

Notice Moebe’s Lil threat ta me. Des people later said dat dey didnt kill anyone wit out der permission. Yeah right … I left then because i didnt want to be next and have no one around to tell what happened this awful night

[ed note: spacings between actions and conversation were added, parentheses were removed to be more story-like.]