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Posted by on 1998 Oct 12 |

An Invasion of Sorts

(Sicle Grove, Therengia: 274 Moliko 355)

As I walked up to the bar, I found a young elf sitting at a table. That elf looked scarred and quite weary, and I sat down with him and shared a drink as he gestured for me to sit in one of the chairs.

"Why are you so scarred and weary?"

He glances up and says "Hmmm, I believe I should share this, so I shall tell you.

" It started like this. I was about to go hunting just out on the west path outside of the Crossing. Upon arriving there and running a few errands I chose myself an area to begin hunting. That area was just outside of the Tiger Clan gate. Over the course of the next ten minutes, I was being mobbed by over 10 gobbies!

"Someone stopped by and requested if I needed help, which I agreed to. Over the next little while, we dispatched of them all, one by one. Upon finishing our bloody job, he said that he had to travel and would probably see me later. Well, I yet waited in that area, still waiting for some fights to take on.

"Once again, I was mobbed by more than 10 gobbies, all on me! And again, someone came by and asked if I needed help. This little mobbing occured several times over the next hour. I find this to be quite odd, as the fground was littered with broken bodies and discarded weapons. I know people say you get mobbed in there, but this is a little extreme!

"Finally, I decided to take my leave of that bloody place and returned here. So now you know why I am so weary in both soul and body."

I looked at him and ordered a mug of mead for him, to help ease his pain, then continued on my errand.