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Posted by on 1998 Oct 20 |

Bank Robbery Shows Elanthian True Colors

(Crossing, Zoluren: 296 Skullcleaver 355)

I was just sitting around, spending time with Samantha, when she said she heard reports of a bank robbery at the Crossing Bank over her Gwethdesuan. So, curiosity and honor both perked, I grabbed my gloves and ran to the bank . . .

I was able to slip into the bank, and the scene there startled and frightened me. There was a city guard, who was wounded and bleeding standing with the Bank Magistrate and a group of overly loud tellers, while a swarmy group of Thugs stood near the back, and, towards the front was a large group of the citizenry of the Elanthia, I’d wager 80 or so as a safe bet, most of them armed. That was not what was frightening to me, however . . . it was the sight of the tallest Thug, a perticularly ugly looking Gor’Tog, holding onto a small girl, and a woman I’d never seen, both of Elven decent, obviously both looking quite frightened and panic stricken.

Seeing as I was new to the situation, I decided it best to keep my mouth shut and figure out what was going on.

Etharian appeared to be leading this band of outlaws, and try as I might to get a good look at him, there were too many adventurers in between us, luckily. Diplomacy was tried by few, that I could hear, including Telandrel, who spoke with him in a calm and quiet manner, obviously trying to diffuse the situation, and there were many pleas from many a good Elanthian, willing to trade their lives for the childs’

Unfourtantly, during these negotiations with the leader, many of the people in the bank began making rude comments. Those of us there with interest in keeping the peace and saving the girl ignored them for the time being, thankfully.

The talks between Telandrel and Etharian, from what little I could hear, weren’t getting very far, and the cries from the crowd were growing more and more beligerant, many began questioning about their money, and some, Truffenyi help these poor fools, began making vulgar comments about the girl and her mother.

Next thing I knew, Erieck grabbed Etharian’s arm and drug him out into the mob outside the bank. Within seconds, cheers went up in the bank among those who wanted their money, and cries of despair from those of us who cared not for the coin, but simply to defend the child, as we felt Etharian’s soul slip from his body.

I’ll freely admit, by this point, I didn’t have a good idea in my head, and our brave fighters had slaughtered the only member of the band of thieves that seemed interested, or perhaps capable, of making rational decisions. They were ignoring us at this point, and I saw a member of them, a S’kra Mur, slip out the doors, no doubt in search of their leader.

At this point, the crowd got worse I fear; the things I could hear coming from the mouths of adventurers, I wish I hadn’t. Let me give an example: Crystique quite brazenly said, "I want the girl’s bear," and, to my astonishment, actually asked her for it.

Just as things were getting worse on our side of the bank, things were getting worse on their side. I caught an elf telling the group to just kill the girl, fortunately, their apparently impromptu leader, a human, had more sense than that, and told him to shut up. It seemed to me that we were stuck; they had the next move. But then to my astonishment, members of our force, as it were, began to make sexual comments towards, and about, the girl!

I was outraged, as were I’m sure many of the other decent people of Elanthia that heard the things that Trent, Harbrace, Dartani, and others say sickened me. I’ll not go into this here, for its my understanding that Baresh has a copy for your reading displeasure already, so back to the events at hand.

There was much discussion between everyone about what was happening, and what to do next. Unfortunately, the S’kra Mur member of the thugs returned, informing the human that Etharian couldn’t be found anywhere, and with that, they retreated out a hidden exit in the back of the bank, taking Lousia, the child, with them.

Many people searched, but to my knowledge, no one found. Rumor has it that the girls mother posted a complaint with the local guards, then made herself scarce.

That is all I know of the events of the bank robbery. As far as I know, the girl is still hostage to the robbers. So this is a heartfelt plea to any Elanthian who hears this story, to think about what has happened, and realize, for all of our skills, prestige, and power that we pretend to hold, there are those among us who are uncaring for anything other than that power, even when compared to the life of a young elven girl.

Truffenyi implored the other immortals to aid him in defeating the World Dragon.. but I have to ask myself, is he regretting that decision now? Is Peri’el keeping the beast asleep, so that it will not destroy our land, simply giving us the time to do it ourselves?

Think about it.

And Baresh, I could really use a good ale just about now